...develop ideas, design solutions, deliver value.

What We Do

Reinvent Nigeria Limited is involved in the design of innovative products primarily targeted at the Nigerian market. Our unique customer-centric process enables us develop innovative value-adding ideas for companies in aviation, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, oil and gas to banks, hospitals, educational institutions and individual consumers. We interpret customer needs and collaborate with relevant firms to ensure the flawless development and deployment of our innovative solutions.

Reinvent Nigeria Limited can work with individual inventors and startup companies in their attempt to develop marketable products. If you need to develop a product, we can help you succeed. From concept, through prototyping, to final manufacture; we know what it takes to make an idea come alive in reality.

For established companies, you can involve us to work with your current staff as partners to give a fresh lease to your product development process.

To learn more about how Reinvent Nigeria Limited can help you, contact us.